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TMJ Appliances

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hardNightguard.jpgNightguard - hard acrylic

Hard Acrylic Nightguards are waxed and processed just like our dentures.  They are fabricated with clear acrylic and heat cured for maximum strength. They offer no flexibility are easily modified, they repair easily and are indicated for moderate bruxing/clenching. Special Clasps can be used for improved retention.


soft_hardNightguard.jpgNightguard - soft/hard acrylic

The soft/hard is a unique combination of two materials formed into a single laminated sheet, especially designed for functional service in bruxusm cases. The dual laminate is easily fabricated with a simple vacuum process.

The soft liner assures your patient comfort and the hard surface assures long lasting wear. This material will bond with acrylic for additional bite opening or occlusal adjustments.


thermoplastic_elastomer.jpgThermoplastic Nightguards

Thermoplastics are made from strong acrylic compounds that provide excellent long term durability. They become entirely pliable under the influence of warm temperatures. Some types, such as Talon ®, lose rigidity at mouth temperatures so as to engage dental undercuts. A very versatile material, they can also have a soft/hard composition with the inclusion of a hard outer occlusal layer.


soft_hardNightguard.jpgDual Laminate

The Dual Laminate is a unique combination of two materials formed into a single appliance designed to provide funtional service in bruxism cases. It consisits of two layers ; a soft inner liner that ensures the patients comfort, and a hard outer layer that ensures durability.



The Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance (MORA), or Gelb appliance, has been designed to reposition the lower jaw and the condyle (achieves optimal neuromuscular balance as well as balanced condyle-fossae relationships). The appliance consists of clear acrylic bite pads covering the molars and bicuspids, connected by a lingual bar.


MOR.jpgM.O.R Appliance

The Mandibular Occlusal Rise, for treating TMJ related discomfort.