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Sports Protection

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Aortaguard.gifAortaGuard Triple Laminate - The Ultimate in Sports Protection

The AortaGuard is a multi-laminated mouthguard that provides a custom fit by utilizing the latest advances in pressure form technology. It provides more protection for vulnerable areas, and is available in three graduated levels of protective application .

Here are the three levels of protection provided by the AortaGuard, Choose the level that is best for your sport:

AortaguardColors.jpgRecreational: Single Layer / 3mm in thickness)
Suitable for Soccer, Rollerblading, Basketball, Softball, etc.

Heavy: (Dual Layer / 4mm in thickness)
Designed for Baseball, Martial Arts, Rugby and Boxing.

Professional:  (TripleLayer / 5mm in thickness)
Fabricated specially for heavy contact applications like Ice Hockey and Kickboxing



Aorta Mouthguard

The Aorta Mouthguard is a high quality product providing the wearer with great protection. It combines high-tech material in a unique production sandwich design. Due to supurb fit, there is no impediment to speech, drinking and breathing.



  • controlled design and adaptation by dentists
  • individually manufactured in a dental laboratory
  • unique safety characteristics
  • perfect fitting, no speech impact
  • various types available for different sports and ages
  • many colours available, complete with personal carrying case



proformSport.jpgPro-form Laminate

The Pro-form laminate was originally developed by a dentist to provide superior intra-oral protection for NHL hockey and NFL football players. The unique two layered construction provided retention, protection and comfort far beyond other materials. The Pro-form laminate soon became the standard mouthguard materials used by professional sports players. Since this early beginning, dental professionals have reviewed, upgraded and modified the laminates and their usages in a variety of intra-oral applications


DrufoSoft.jpgDrufosoft Shell

The shell-mouthguard is a quality-product. We manufacture each individual mouthguard on a case by case basis.The ultimate protection is the result of a combination of high-technique-materials, the special production process used, and the design. Due to the perfect fitting there is no impact on speech, drinking or breathing. The high-quality mouthguard for sport and leisure time. A shell-mouthguard is a high-quality protection for teeth, soft parts, gingiva, lips, jaw and joints and the excellent shock absorption even reduces concussions.



  • protects the teeth as a shell controlled adaption by dentists
  • controlled adaption by dentists
  • individually manufactured
  • anatomical impression
  • impact protection for facial area
  • biocompatible EVA-material
  • unique safety characteristics
  • fits perfectly, no obstruction in speaking or breathing
  • many colours available



A specially developed acrylic resin with an elastomer base. When employed in laboratory procedures with the Ivocap system, it can be applied towards the folowing uses:

  • Positioners
  • Mouthguards for boxers or hockey players
  • individually manufactured
  • Bruxism splints
  • Bite splints requiring elasticity
  • General protective devices for sports activities


thermoPositioner.jpgThermoplastic Positioner
Impack TM

A positioner made of thermoplastic material that becomes plyable in warm temperatures, ie; in the patients mouth. It can serve dual pupose as both a positioner and a protective device for heavy contact sports such as kickboxing, martial arts or boxing.




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Featured Product:

EMA1.jpgEMA® Custom


The EMA® is a simple and elegant custom appliance created for noninvasive treatment of chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The primary treatment mechanism of opening the bite and gently moving the mandible forward is acheived with the use of interchangable elastic straps that offer varying degrees of mandibular adavancement.