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regular_adams.jpgHawley with Adams Clasps 

The Hawley retainer is one of the most widely used appliance designs. The Adams Clasps are most retentive when used on fully erupted teeth. Provides the strongest anchorage.


soldered_hawley.jpgHawley Soldered to Adams Clasps

Many specialty cases require "customized" retainers. An example of this type of design is a labial wire soldered to Adams Clasps on the molars. The ends of the labial wire are bent parallel and in contact with the top bar of the Adams Clasps where the solder joint is made.


hawley_ballclasps.jpgHawley Retainer w/ Ball Clasps

This Retainer is most retentive when used on deciduous teeth. Provides a firm grip when a sufficient undercut is created by two adjacent teeth.


fan_expansion.jpgHawley w/ Fan Expansion Screw

This soldered hawley has the addition of a Fan-Expansion screw.



circumferencial.jpgCircumferencial Arch w/ Ball Clasps

This Retainer is a circumferencial hawley with the addition of ball clasps.



strawberry.jpgWraparound/Circumferencial Hawley

A popular retainer is the Circumferential or "Wrap Around" labial wire. Small .020" wires are contoured around the labial wire and cross over either the cuspid-first bicuspid or the first and second bicuspid areas to support the labial bow in the proper vertical position.


3x3spring.jpg3x3 Spring Retainer

The Spring Retainer is used for alignment of rotated incisors. Up to four anterior teeth first are reset into ideal alignment on the construction cast. A resilient wire framework provides the necessary corrective forces to the teeth through the lingual and labial acrylic. This simple design provides an efficient removable appliance for correction of irregular or relapsed incisors, and is one of the more popular appliances in use today.

lowerModSpring.jpgLower Modified Spring Retainer

The Spring/Hawley combination is popular as a substitute for conventional Hawley retainers, as it combines the benefits of both appliances. This retainer is constructed by extending the wire of the Spring Retainer into the lingual acrylic for anchorage. A cut is made in the acrylic behind the anteriors so that only the wire connects the two sections, providing flexibility to the appliance.


C_HawleyBall.jpg"C" Hawley w/ Soldered Ball Clasps

This retainer is a Circumferencial Hawley with the addition od Soldered Ball Clasps.



invisible.jpgInvisible Retainer

The "Invisible" retainers are made of a thin, clear, durable plastic that snaps into place over the teeth and prevents teeth rotation & migration.  When using this transparent dental retainer, teeth and gums show through the plastic, unlike the “Hawley” retainer (metal wire & denture plastic). 


automatic2pool.jpg Automatic Hawley

Self Adjusting Hawley. Makes its own adjustments due to the placement of extra screws designed to do the work of adjustment automatically.