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Full Denture

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SR Ivocap®

Our full dentures and acrylic partials are fabricated utilizing HIGH IMPACT acrylic heat-cured techniques. With SR ivocap, chemical shrinkage is not an issue. The SR Ivocap system is based on a special injection technique that is capable of compensating for chemical shrinkage. Controlled heat/pressure polymerization compensates acrylic shrinkage by pressured feeding of additional material.



It was 25 years ago that the SR Ivocap system was launched. This leading-edge injection system revolutionized the field of denture prosthetics. Since the introduction of SR Ivocap, more than 9000 laboratories throughout the world have taken advantage of this trendsetting system.

 A healthy mucous membrane
Because of the exceptionally homogeneous denture base, the risk that the dentures irritate the mucous membrane is reduced.

Advantages for Patients:

High impact strength
The Impact Modifier assures high fracture resistance.

A good feeling
Optimum shrinkage compensation enables the fabrication of dentures that fit preciseiy.

Ease of cleaning
The exceptional polishability of the denture base material reduces the build-up of plaque.

Advantages for Dentists:

First-class brand dentures
The SR Ivocap precision technique helps save time, provides successful results and ensures a high level of patient satisfaction. With SR Ivocap, increases in vertical dimension are not an issue. Wax patterns can be reproduced precisely. Destruction of occlusal morphology caused by time-consuming adjustments can virtually be eliminated.