Aorta Dental Laboratories 25 Years

Fixed Appliances

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fixedSpringRegainer.jpgFixed Spring Regainer (Bandloop)

The Band and Loop appliance is a unilateral space regainer that is used in edentuious areas either from exfoliation or extraction to prevent the drifting of adjacent teeth. Variations of this appliance may include the distal shoe, which is used subgingivally to guide the eruption of permanent teeth.


lingualarch.jpgSoldered Lingual Arch

Lingual Arches are available in various lengths. Arches can be ideally shaped or closely contoured to the exisiting arch configuration. They may include loops for adjustment and activation and can also be detachable from bands.



haas.jpgHaas Appliance

The Haas appliance is both tissue and tooth borne and has an extensive ammount of palatal acrylic which acts on the palatal mucosa.



distalJet2.jpgDistal Jet

The Distal Jet is a user-friendly orthodontic appliances created to deliver consistently reliable treatment results while requiring the mini-mum of patient cooperation. Constructed around a highly efficient piston and tube principle, coupled with a controlled and defined force delivery, the Distal Jet appliance is uniquely  adapted  in its  bio-mechanic  approach to maximize outcomes.


This superior  distalizer  combines  pure  translation with  excellent  anchorage control and positive, simple molar retention with one appliance. Typical clinical situations for the Distal Jet are:

•Class II maxillary protrusion

•Class II molar relations resulting from missing or blocked out teeth.


bondedhyrax.jpgBonded Hyrax- RPE

The Bonded Hyrax is a different type of expansion appliance. It uses an expansion screw, just as many other expansion options, however the way it is retained is different as well as the screw itself.  The most obvious difference is its retention, this is a fixed appliance, permanently cemented into place for the length of the treatment. The screw is large and heavily built, with four thick arms (1.4 mm diameter) welded directly to the body . The arms may be straight or pre-bent. 
The Hyrax is an RPE, a Rapid Palatal expander. This type of expansion appliance is designed to work in a manner different from other expansion appliances. They are used only on the maxillary arch and are intended to act upon the midpalatine suture of the maxilla. Rather than the slow and steady expansion that is used by other expansion appliances, the RPEs use the stiffness of their components and their strong retention to act in a more forceful manner. A fairly typical expansion rate with a removable is one turn of the screw per week (0.25 mm) or approximately 1mm per month. This is referred to as slow expansion and gives the body's bone and tissue time to adjust to the movement in a healthy manner. 


bandedHyrax.jpgBanded Hyrax - RPE

A heavy expansion screw soldered to bands, usually on first bicuspids and first molars. Achieves rapid separation of palatal sutures. In certain situations, a palatal expander can prevent the need to have permanent teeth removed. The expanded is generally worn for several months to accomplish this correction.



quad.jpgQuad Helix

The Quad Helix is a versitile appliance that is able to correct unilateral or bilateral crossbites, expand posterior segments, and align crowded teeth. This appliance has many adjustment points, most of which can be activated intraorally using a three (3) prong plier


w.jpgExpansion "W"

e Expansion "W" is the simplest version of a Quad Helix expansion appliance and is suitable for use on either the maxillary or mandibular arch.




The Porter appliance is a removable version of the "W" appliance. This feature allows for the appliance to be activated and adjusted extra-orally.




bi-helix.jpgBi Helix

 The Bi Helix is an adaptation of the Quad Helix designed for the mandibular arch. The absence of anterior helixes aids in patient comfort.



Habit Breakers


tongue.jpgTongue Crib

The Tongue Crib appliance features a vertical crib inhibiting the access of the tongue to the anterior dentition and surrounding tissue. Tongue cribs may incorporate the standard wire framework or they can be fabricated with custom designs.


thumb.jpgThumb Crib

The Thumb Crib is closely adapted to the rugae area of the palate to serve as a reminder to discourage thumb or finger sucking. Persistent habits may require the use of more aggressive designs. NOTE: this appliance has no vertical component.


pedo.jpgPedo Partial

The Pedo Partial is fabricated with a lingual arch and primary teeth imbedded into an acrylic saddle. The appliance will effectively restore function while simultaneously preventing malocclusions and speech difficulty.


habitRake.jpgHabit Appliance with Grill

Habit breaking appliance with a grill. To break the thumbsucking habit.