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EMA1.jpgEMA® Custom

The EMA® is a simple and elegant custom appliance created for noninvasive treatment of chronic snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The primary treatment mechanism of opening the bite and gently moving the mandible forward is acheived with the use of interchangable elastic straps that offer varying degrees of mandibular adavancement. 


EMA2.jpgThe flexibility of these elastic straps allows for a perfect match to the patients musculature, which provides unsurpassed lateral movement and comfort. The straps are located between the teeth and cheek, leaving the palate free of obstructions that would discourage the forward tongue placement.

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PDF EMA Chairside Comprehensive 
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IST.jpgIST Anti-Snoring Device

Snoring can be treated successfully in many cases with the IST Appliance. It supresses snoring by moving the lower jaw forward. This measurably reduces the obstruction in the pharyngeal area. The forward position of the mandible is achieved using vestibular guided telescopes called HERNER Guiding Telescopes. This construction allows a controlled protrusion of the lower jaw without impairing the tongue space, to maximize patient acceptance. The telescope is threaded so the dentist can change the protrusion on each side individually up to 8mm. An end stop in the guiding sleeve prevents the telescope from disengaging, so that problems associated with loose intraoral  hardware can be reduce. The mounting of the telescopes on the fixing parts is made by special o-rings to exclude the danger of swallowing or aspirating parts which might come off

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ISPUB Sleep Apnea Article



The Herbst Appliance has been proven to be effective on chronic snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea sufferers. This appliance allows patients to move laterally and vertically without disengaging the appliance. Also, if it is determined that the initial position does not provide the anticipated relief of the condition, the mandible can easily be moved forward in 1mm increments by adding advancement shims onto the posts. New laboratory procedures have also made it possible to produce a "soft" version of the standard hard acrylic Herbst appliance. The new soft Herbst is as comfortable as an athletic mouthguard which helps ensure patient compliance. 



Klearway.jpgKlearway™ Appliance

Backed by extensive research, this appliance offers ultimate control. Adjusts in increments of 0.25mm for gradual jaw positioning, featuring the new snap lock expansion screw that prevents unwanted deactivation.  Fabricated of comfortable, thermoactive acrylic, the new and improved Klearway is easy to insert, conforms securely to teeth and permits lateral movement. Provides full occlusal coverage of both arches. Does not encroach on tongue space. The appliance is suitable for most patients including those who brux, have missing or complicated dentitions, some upper endentuluous cases, extensive bridgework and/or short clinical crown.


The Klearway becomes pliable to help insertion, and confirms securely to dentition for an excellent fit while significantly decreasing soft tissue and tooth discomfort. The small increments of forward lower jaw advancement are initiated by the patient under the direction of a dentist and this helps avoid rapid jaw movements that can cause significant patient discomfort.

Once warmed under hot water and inserted, the acrylic resin hardens as it cools to body temperature and firmly affixes itself to both arches. Lateral and vertical jaw movement is permitted which enables the patient to yawn, swallow, and drink water without dislodging the appliance.




NAPA.jpgNAPA Appliance

In clinical use since 1983, this proven treatment was developed by Dr. Peter T. George. The NAPA uses eight clasps and is constructed of hard acrylic to provide excellent retention. Comfortable to wear, the NAPA fits very much like a standard orthodontic appliance. An available option is the thermal active material Variflex™ (clasping optional). This variation will be trimmed scalloped to the gingival margin and is ideal for patients with sensitive teeth, crowns, bridgework or missing dentitions. Both versions of the NAPA appliance are available with the standard breathing beak or beakless option.  



pro form anti snorePro-Form Anti-Snore

Pro-form ASD is custom-fitted made from impression of the patients mouth. The dentist then makes casts of the upper and lower jaws and a unique thermo laminate is vacuum-formed onto the upper cast. Next a  repositioning ramp is added that gently positions the lower jaw forward. This opens the lower jaw and moves it forward, thus increasing the opening at the back of the throat for more airway passage space. The increased opening allows more oxygen into the lungs, which lessens the vibrating tissue at the back of the throat.



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Definition of Snoring
Definition of Sleep apnea

PDF EMA Patient brochure
PDF EMA Chairside Guide
PDF EMA Comprehensive 
PDF EMA Instructions  
PDF EMA Scientific Article 

ISPUB Sleep Apnea Article

Comparison of popular snoring devices

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